Assistance for Isolated Children

The Assistance for Isolated Children is a Commonwealth scheme that helps families whose homes are too far away from an appropriate state school to enable daily access.

An 'appropriate state school' provides the right level of study for the child or young person in your care and meets any special health or educational needs (for example, remedial or programs for students with a disability).

Assistance for Isolated Children includes:

·        boarding allowance

·        distance education allowance

·        second home allowance.

It is generally designed for primary and secondary school students. The scheme also helps families that are isolated from an appropriate state school where the school-aged student is undertaking a tertiary course instead.

Note: if you get Assistance for Isolated Children, the child in your care cannot get Youth Allowance or ABSTUDY.  If you get Assistance for Isolated Children, you can also receive Family Taxable Benefit for the child. 

Further information

·        visit

·        call Centrelink on13 2318  or

·        visit a Centrelink Customer Service Centre