Paid Parental Leave Scheme

The Paid Parental Leave scheme is an entitlement for working parents of children born or adopted from 1 January 2011.

Eligible working parents can get government funded Parental Leave Pay at the rate of the National Minimum Wage for a maximum period of 18 weeks. Parental Leave Pay is taxable.

You may be eligible for Parental Leave Pay if you are the primary carer of a newborn child or recently adopted child.  Other eligibility requirements also apply, including a work test and taxable income.

Parental Leave Pay and Baby Bonus cannot be paid for the same child. If you meet the eligibility criteria for both payments, you can choose which payment is the best financial decision for your family. You should check the Paid Parental Leave Comparison Estimator at  to work out which payment is best for your family.

Claims can be lodged up to three months before the expected date of birth or adoption.

The birth mother or the initial primary carer of an adopted child must make the claim for Parental Leave Pay, unless there are exceptional circumstances.


Further information

·        visit

·        call the Family Assistance Office on 13 6150  or

·        visit the Family Assistance Office located in Medicare offices and Centrelink Customer Service Centre